Registrations are open for the 30th edition of the International Championships of Mathematical Games. The deadline for registrations is set for 15 February 2023. The first appointment is with the Quarterfinals which will be held online on 4 March.
Two conditions (both) are required to participate:
– the payment of the registration fee (8 Euros for each competitor);
– the compilation of the registration form on the ONLINE FORM of the Mathematical Games. More information can be found on the Bocconi Mathematical Games – International Championships website (
The 2023 edition of the Mathematical Games is a Special Edition, in fact it is the thirtieth anniversary of the Mathematical Games in Italy, which began for the first time in 1994 with a single location in Milan.
Our school, thanks to the work of prof. Cesare Pasqua, a mathematics teacher at our institute since the early 1990s and a great supporter that mathematics must stimulate logic, the ability to update and intuition, arouse curiosity and the desire to stop and think for a while, has 2000 which hosts the Semifinals of these Games. Also this year after the forced break due to Covid, on March 18th we are pleased to give our contribution to this competition by hosting the Semifinals.
To choose our school as the venue for the games, you will have to select the Seraphicum when registering on the ONLINE FORM of the Mathematical Games.
For pupils within the school, the enrollment will be cumulative carried out by the school and the families of the pupils involved will receive the necessary information to participate first in the quarter-finals and then in the semi-finals and, in case of classification, in the Semi-finals which will be held in Milan.