The Seraphicum Scholastic Complex (CSS) is a private educational institution, founded in 1988 in EUR, Rome to offer excellent educational opportunities to its students. CSS offers the entire range of schools from kindergarten to high school in addition to professional language, I.T. and training courses. It is a true educational point of reference in the south of Rome, offering parents a single complex with the highest standards of teaching and curricula activities, including the innovation of bilingual classes. Above all we provide parents the security of knowing that the specific needs of their children will be recognised and attended to.


The Institute proposes itself as a meeting point for families and students, based on a global educational project of personal growth and enhancement, applying the principles of total quality. The environment, therefore, is characterized by continuous learning, learning to learn is the priority and primary objective and becomes central to the student: developing and enhancing both intellectual and human abilities, supporting their difficulties and disadvantages, and enhancing their potential and excellence.

History and experience

Thanks to 70 years and three generations of activity in the world of teaching, the management  of the Seraphicum Scholastic Complex offers parents and students the guarantee of an extraordinary wealth of experience and expertise. Pedagogy, teaching, psychology and innovation are not empty but living words: curricula, practices and methods are continually tested by the evolving educational needs of new generations. This evolution is however always anchored to strong ethics and values ​​that do not change.

Teaching Staff

Consistent with the educational principles of the School, teachers are not dispensers of knowledge, but tools at the service of the potential of the students, who understood as whole, distinct people, capable of self-realization. The high quality of the professionalism of our teachers is guaranteed by permanent training.

The Founder

In 1972 Luigi Sepiacci graduated in Civil Engineering and qualified as an engineer. In the same year he married Carla Stoppani with whom he later had two children, Goffredo and Maria Chiara.

After the death of his father, the founder of a private school, he continues his work taking the reins of the family business. He also dedicated himself to ANINSEI, a Confindustria trade association, of which he became president of the Lazio Regional Committee: in this capacity in 1978 he signed the first contract for employees of non-state schools with all the trade union organizations of school workers. In 1989 he was elected national president, a position he has maintained to this day.

Thanks to his experience in the world of non-state schools, in 1988 he founded the Seraphicum Scholastic Complex, an innovative school forerunner of a school model centred on the needs of students, with attention to all stages of development of young people from early childhood to maturity – from kindergarten to high school.

At the Seraphicum Scholastic Complex, in addition to the role of legal representative, he also assumes headmaster and teaching positions. He enriches his curriculum with a qualification for teaching mathematics in secondary schools and a qualification for teaching photography.  He takes over the management of the Academy of Fine Arts “Lorenzo da Viterbo”.

He publishes texts commenting on employment contracts and as a freelance journalist he writes for and “Libero Instruction”, “Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Today” and “Restauro e Beni Culturali”.

In 1999 the President of the Republic bestowed on him the honour of Grand Officer OMRI.